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The "End Times Art (with a sense of humor)" of L 15 on sale now!

Perfect for the Halloween Holiday!

Perfect for the election season! (see "Looking At Hell")

The Faces of Inter-gallactic Angels of Indifference are perfect to project your emotions upon!

Why call his art "End Times Art?"
Why, because it is creepy, depressing or at least an existential empty expression of an abstract human face that you can project your deepest fears upon! But in a very whimsical way, end times with a sense of humor.
Examples include classic tragic subjects such as: Helen of Troy, Priam & Hecuba watching Troy burn; Minataur;
But, L-15 has created 2 heroic Inter-gallactic Angel Guardians: Golk Golk & Tho Tho
Even Golk Golk has his Geschrei (a yell, shout or cry out) in response to "End Times Outrageous Acts"
This goes all the way back to Bernard Schatz's outrage against War Toys and the Vietnam War.