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Snapshot images of Hex Blocks which fist appeard in the Cheyanne Schatz Store circa 1964. Some images contain examples of the Cheyanne Schatz Medallions and should not be confused with the Hex Blocks
Hex Blocks Group 1
Hex Blocks Group 2
Hex Blocks Group 3
Hex Blocks Group 4
Hex Blocks Group 5
Hex Blocks Group 6
Hex Blocks Group 7
Hex Blocks Group 8
Hex Blocks Group 10
Hex Blocks Group 11
Hex Blocks Group 12
Hex Blocks Group 13
Hex Blocks Group 14
The Hex Blocks are simple and clear in their purpose but still seem to be a mystery, or at least incomplete in their conception. There have be a few references found in the L-15 archives that concern the Hex Blocks but these seem incomplete. Page 1 of the Directions does not seem to have a Page 2 to be found. Page 2 of the Hex Blocks Unit Flyer contains similar directions, a few more details but still there is no Page 2 to be found. This may be intentional (if you know Bernard Schatz). Page 1 of the directions has many preliminary steps including one that asks you to fill out both the green and red copies of the guarantee form, keep the green copy, and then tells you that the guarantee is not good until that same green copy has been mailed to Schatz and is in his hands. Interesting loop hole for him isn't it. Also, the Hex Blocks Unit Flyer, which may be meant to be inclosed with the Hex Block advises caution to keep out of the hands of children, suggests it will cause harm and death to enemies but can be used to bring about good outcomes if intended for others on whom it is used. The Hex Blocks Unit Flyer ends in these words: "Also, you will be charmed to discover that your hex block unit is capable of imparting a good, or beneficial hex, as well as bad hexes. Although this important fact has been stated time and again by the manufacturers,, the Public-at-large still seems to remain in a state of ignorance. Now, once you have decided what it is you want your ex block unit to do for you and who it is you want your hex block unit directed at, is simply to take the…" and there it ends with no further directions, no page 2. Below are copies of the two Page 1s to see of yourself.
Page 1 (of 2?) for the Hex Block Unit Flyer
Page 1 (of 2?) of the Hex Blockx Directions