L-15 with his Art

L-15, Outsider Artist for 60 years

Receives  Individual Artist Grant from Tree of Life, (treeoflifeartists.org) given for "The Comeback of L-15"

When: July 2014

Where: L-15.com, the Galaxy of L-15 (also in Central Virginia)

Contact: L-15@L-15.com

Bernard Schatz aka L-15 has been an artist for 60 years. He is a recipient of an Individual Artist Grant from the Tree of Life foundation in 2014. Now, at age 82, he is opening storage box after box to photograph, catalogue and place on his website thousands of works of art that he has accumulated over his career. The website L-15.com, is available now.
The website has such a wide variety of art media that it is truly galactic in size and growing rapidly. Highlights and new additions appear on the Entry Page. The Click to Enter Here or any other link from the Entry Page could get you lost in its galactic immensity but every page has its top menu to guide you to the larger categories in which L-15 has created art.  Welcome & Snap Shots will give you the overview with sub menus about his career in the form of videos (as a performance artist), and documentaries and articles about his career. Each menu item along the top covers a major area, such as his Kreise Auf Wellpappe (wax pigment on corrugated cardboard), Inter-Gallactic Angels in ceramic sculptures and in wire sculptures, his acrylic on wood and canvas paintings, pen and brush drawings, and his famous multiple material sculptures and masks. Hundreds of works of art are now available in the L-15 Galactic Gallery and many more will be coming soon. (The Gollum & Skulls of Missing Link are coming next to the website.)

L-15 has loved, studied and produced art as far back as he can remember. Going his own way, not constrained by what happened to be in vogue at any particular time, he has been categorized as an Outsider Artist. His artistic excitement led him to experiment and execute art in a wide variety of forms and materials. He prefers to work in seclusion, but over the years had an occasional exhibit. The latest was at the Anderson Gallery, Virginia Commonwealth University, in which 5,000 pieces of his art were shown. 

As a performance artist he appeared under several stage names and a variety of performance approaches including Cheyanne Schatz: One Man Band, Obediah Klowder: Singer of Inspirational Songs and Ken Barger: Magician Extraordinaire. He became famous as Cheyanne Schatz on the Steve Allen shows of the 1960s and was asked to return for eight appearances. L-15 was one of the early stand up comedians/entertainers and was met and congratulated by Lennie Bruce. L-15's last performance was at Richmond, Virginia's Grace Street Theater in 2004. 

With a life full of energy, L-15 has pursued other interests in addition to his art.  In the mid 1950s he was the Supervisor of the Cardiovascular Research Lab at The Institute for Medical Research, Cedars of Lebanon Hospital, Los Angeles, where he designed artificial heart valves and early heart-lung machines. He was part of a team that designed and constructed Coronary Care Units before hospitals realized their vital importance. He became a Physical Therapist in 1957. His empathy for the millions who suffer Chronic Pain led to his goal of helping people escape lives of Chronic Pain. He authored a book on Chronic Pain. In 1962, he was the Electronics Supervisor of the Medicine USA Exhibit, sponsored by the USIA, that toured the Soviet Union, where he had the opportunity of chasing two KGB agents down the streets of Moscow--and lived to tell the tale!

L-15 fine-tuned his book on Chronic Pain, an enterprise that took several years, and subsequently retired as a Physical Therapist. He is now devoting his full-time energy, as L-15, to his first love, doing art!

Thirty years ago L-15 conceived of a work of art, a Money Transactor Robot Sculpture, that would continue to make money transactions after the Human Race became extinct by the non-sustainable practices of greedy money interests that now include Climate Change deniers. The Money Transactor Robot can be seen on his website L-15.com.