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Welcome! We are sad to announce the passing of L-15. We have recovered 99.9% of the his stored art and are converting the web site to memorialize him here on L-15.org. It will take time but this overview page is a great place to start. The links here and the menu above is active once again Please be patient and inform us at Daniel@L-15.org of any broken links. You may click on all the thumbnails below now to visit the indvidual pages for close up views.

L-15 says these sculptures explore the abstract outside limits of angels' form & explore the outside limits of what is possible with solid body porcelain raku sculpture. (These pieces were produced during L-15's stay at the Artist-in Residence program in Roswell, New Mexico. These pieces were on display at the Center for Contemporary Arts in Santa Fe, New Mexico June 19 - August 11, 1987. Detailed images are now linked to the thumbnails below.
Raku Solid Body Porcelain Sculpture #101
Raku Solid Body Porcelain Sculpture #102
Raku Solid Body Porcelain Sculpture #104
Raku Solid Body Porcelain Sculpture #105
Raku Solid Body Porcelain Sculpture #106
Previously featured works of art from Multiple Material Sculptures & Glazed Porcelain on Wire Sculptures below:
Golk Golk: the 1st Intergalactic Angel of L-15
Giant Head: L-15 Self Portrait
Inter-gallactic Angels, Group 1: #101––#106
Recently placed on the web site in "Wire Works-> Wire Masks," are Wire Shamanic Masks
and in "Wire Works->Other Wire Sculptures," are Wire Faces Group 1."
Wire Shamanic Masks Group 1
Wire Shamanic Masks Group 2
Wire Faces Group 1
To help you find the art in this web site, here are examples and their menu categories.
Below here is L-15 surrounded by examples of his MMP (Multiple Material Painted) art:
Multiple Material Painted Sculptures on the left and on the right he stands in front of MMP and wire masks
Art of L-15
VCU Gallery 2004 Masks
In the VA Tech Documentary of L-15 1983, Glen Lyn, West Virginia Part 1 at the 3:00 to 6:30 time stamps he describes his materials and process.
Here are examples of Multiple Matieral Sculptures in white and below that are some painted examples.
Winged Creature #2
Samson's Jawbone of and Ass
Starry, Starry Night
Warrior Maiden
Cyclops & Wife
A Horrible Scene
Hecuba & King Priam

The snap shots below give an overview of the variety of L-15's art. More to come...

Painted mask multiple materials IMG_2652
Jason & Medea (grouped)
Mask 1 (flat paint on cardboard)
Mask 2 (flat paint on cardboard)
The 8 snap shots below are Glazed Porcelain Heads of Inter-gallactic Angels on wire sculpted bodies.
3 Inter-gallactic Angels Glazed Porcelain on wire bodies
Inter-gallactic Angel Glazed Porcelain on wire body
2629 Wire Porcelain
Inter -gallactic Angel Glazed Porcelain on wire body
Inter-gallactic Angels Glazed Porcelain on wire bodies
Inter-gallactic Angels on wire bodies
Inter-gallactic Angel Glazed porcelain on wire body
Inter-gallactic Angels Glazed Porcelain on velvet fabric bodies
Below are Glazed Porcelain Faces of Inter-gallactic Angels (alone, no velvet fabric nor wire sculpted bodies)
2476 Porcelain Heads
Porcelain Head 2491
Porcelain Head 2517
Porcelain Head 2505
2478 Porcelian Head
2474 Porcelain Head group
2479 Porcelain Head
2480 Porcelain Head
2507 Porcelain Head
2485 Porcelain Head
2483 Porcelain Head
2494 Porcelain Head
2488 Porcelain Heads
2506 Porcelain Head
2504 Porcelain Heads

2489 Porcelain Head

2511 Porcelain Head
2497 Porcelain Heads
2493 Porcelain Heads
Below are examples of Paintings by L-15 (acrylic on torn canvas)
2663 Painting
2664 Painting

2665 Painting

Below are Multiple Material Sculpted Painted Eyeballs on wire
2600 Eyes Wire
2604 Eye Wire
2601 Eyes Wire
Below are 2 examples of masks painted on wood, and a Shamanic Wire each can be clicked on.
2632 Painting Wood
2633 Painting Wood
Shamanic Wire mask #101
Below are examples of Wire Head Gear Sculptures yet to be uploaded into their web category
2607 Mask Wire
2654 2 Wire Sculputure Masks
2672 Wire Mask
Below are examples of Other Wire Sculptures yet to be uploaded into their web category
2582 Wire Sculpure, 3 Eye Wire Sculptures
2590 Wire Sculpture
2677 Wire Sculpture
2556 Wire Sculpture
2644 Wire Sculpture
2627 Wire Sculpture
2599 Wire Sculpture
Below are example of the Kreise auf Wellpappe art in 3 sub categories.
Spine des Minataur 01
Spine des Minataur 16
Spine des Minataur 03
Spine des Minataur 09
Spine des Minataur 20
Spine des Minataur 06
Ascara 132
Ascara 128
Ascara 129
Ascara 131
Ascara 122
Ascara 127
3.The Other Kreise auf Wellpappe Series (mostly variations of the Eyes of the Inter-gallactic Angel Golk Golk)
Number 125 Other Schwarz-weiss
Number 122 Other Schwarz-weiss
Number 119 Other Schwarz-weiss
Number 118 Other Schwarz-weiss